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Holiday Gifts & Trees with Alaina Pinto

          We had a great, early morning with Alaina Pinto of Local 22/44 at LH Stowell & Son Christmas Tree Farm in Brookfield with a live broadcast about how local farms and our Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative can help folks get ready for the holidays from a fresh local tree […]

close up Mari and Alaina

WCAX on Pasture-Raised Lard

Had a great time with Judy Simpson & Joe Carroll from WCAX talking about our pasture-raised pigs and the lard they produce.           Check out the video clip to learn more about this healthy fat and how to use it.                   For more […]

wcax piece on lard

Localvore Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies

Cookies are well-loved in our household…one of the favorite sweets and best served with the other favorite, Strafford Ice Cream.   This is a favorite family recipe, updated for sustainable local eating! Bye, bye Crisco and hello pasture-raised lard from our pigs! That paired with great ingredients like one of the many great Vermont Flours, […]

donna rolling lard pie crust with wcax

Farm Fresh Food Coloring

Yes, it finally worked.  Beet juice food coloring for frosting, perfect for the Sugar Cookie Tamworth Sow, piglets and barn we made.  More experimentation to do and some say adding some maple syrup to the frosting helps the color be darker red and less fuschia, but vibrant, fun and less toxic!  There are some additional […]

Ok they weren't frosted carefully, but how 'bout that natural color!

Blown Away

“Blown away”! And this time it wasn’t the wind. It was the refrain – sometimes punctuated with tears, from folks attending the Music for Farms concert. Almost one quarter of the roughly 60 attendees were under 12. We are thrilled that farm members and friends Mary Bonhang and Evan Premo and their Scrag Mountain Music […]

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