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Growing in Community

Mari’s piece on the financial challenges to small farms and the need for more honest conversations about farm viability appears in the new issue of Local Banquet.   Thanks to all who shared your thoughts and reflections as she prepared this piece.  And most of all thanks to all of our customers, farm supporters and […]

williams students at Mountain Deer Taxidermy

Warming Up and Sharing Warmth

Giddy-up, giddy-up… Lets go! Fill up stockings with farmhouse hot sauces and salsa!                           Jenga recommends you make Merry with local Mary Mix! Actually, she was heard saying “best not to overwhelm the heirloom tomato, horseradish and pepper flavor – Virgin Marys are […]

Lard Pig jumping over the moon label

Thank You Anna!

 Farmer Emeritus & forever a Green Mountain Girl!    Congratulations Anna — Farmer Emeritus & forever a Green Mountain Girl! Whereas you are now off to work with “indoor people”, you’ve seen this farm and cared for flocks and field in every season. You apprenticed with abandon, returned for a second season and returned again […]

Anna Svagzdys

Staying Warm

The pigs pile together and bury their noses in the hay, the chickens can turn off circulation to their feet, the goats ruminations generate heat and Anna offers us humans some options too!

Warm up with salsa by Anna Svagzdys