At the Farmstand: Aug 9-15

Summer veggies are rolling in with their variety of color and texture!  Yes including tomatoes!  Come and enjoy, the only challenge will be choosing what to bring home as a recent shopper relayed when arriving home, “Sorry it took me so long, there were so many gorgeous veggies to choose from.”

Enjoy your choice of veggies with our pasture-raised meats.  Some from us and other from our friends at Field Stone Farm.


This week at our Farmstand you can find:

• Eggs (limited to members)


Fresh/Stored Veggies & Herbs

• Basil
• Black Currants  (frozen)
• Broccoli
• Fresh Chioggia Beets
• Chard
• Cilantro
• Garlic

• Ginger, Baby (frozen)
• Green Beans
• Kale
• Head Lettuce (Field Stone Farm)
• Mint
• Sweet Onions
• Peppers, sweet & hot
Scallions (Field Stone Farm)
• Tomatoes: cherries, saladettes & slicers
• Green Tomatoes&*
• Tomatoes, Frozen
• Zucchini & Patty Pan Summer Squash (plentiful)


Meats      Ham


• Bacon
• Maple Breakfast Sausage, Farmhouse bulk
• Bones, Pork & Goat
• Chicken, Roasting
• Chicken, Stewing Hens
• Fat, Pork Leaf
• Fat, Pork Back
• Ground Goat
• Goat Shoulder Chops, bone -in
• Ham Roasts
• Italian Pork Sausage, bulk
• Kielbasa
• Pork Jowl*
• Leg of Goat Roasts*
• Loin Roasts, Goat*(small)
• Offal & Odd Bits – Trotters, hearts, liver, kidneys, necks, Pig Heads, etc.
• Pork Chops
• Goat Ribs/Rack
• Shanks, Goat
• Goat Shoulder Roasts
• Stew Meat, Goat
• Turkey Breast
• Turkey Drumsticks
• Whole Turkeys*


Pantry & Prepared Foods

Dilly Beans
• Lard (Leaf)
• Lemon Pickles
• Pepperoncini
• Pesto, Arugula & Garlicky Kale
• Heirloom Tomato Salsa
• Soup, Roasted Creamy Spinach, Broccoli-Spinach & Cream of Spinach
• Tomolives (pickled green cherry tomatoes)
• Dried Hot Peppers
Dried Tomatoes

From our Farm Friends    Brookfield bees maple syrup 3

• Farmstead Pizza from Field Stone Farm (arrives Thur or Fri)
• Blueberries, Frozen from Spotted Dog Farm
• Honey, Brookfield Bees
• Maple Syrup, Brookfield Bees
• Cider Syrup, Brookfield Bees

This Week’s Member Special

All of the above is available for members and retail shoppers, but we also offer some specials for our members.  To learn more about our flexible, free Choice Farm Share memberships, see the details on our website.

• Green Tomatoes, perfect for frying

Pork Jowl

• Whole Turkeys, large, but lovely

Leg of Goat Roasts, Great for slow roast

• Goat Loin Roasts, bone-in & quick (see recipe)