Thanks be to the Sugar Makers

That is to the Maple Sugar Makers.  Sugaring season is sometimes short, sometimes long, always weather dependent and such a clear marker of the transition between Winter and Spring.  We are both thankful to not have good maples on our property to tap and for all those near us that do!








This year we had the good fortune to spend a small bit of time with Dan & Marda of Brookfield Bees during sugaring season.













We did a few hours of emptying buckets, (re)learning the science and math of turning sap into syrup, and relishing in their delightful woods, neighborhood and sugarhouse.

It seemed appropriate given we not only sell their syrup in our farmstand, but that it is their syrup (and honey & cider syrup) that makes their way into our Maple Breakfast Sausage, Bloody Mary Mix, Pâté and really almost anything else we need (or want) to sweeten a bit for the farm or our own enjoyment, like our new favorite Maple Egg Custard.





May the sugar makers get to rest soon and enjoy the sweets of their labor.