What is in a Name?

Names tell us apart, something about our past and where we come from.  The power of a name has long been immortalized in literature as well as religion.  While the names on our farm might not have such deep context, they do allow us to know when an animal was born, track ancestry and help us keep tabs on the health and well being of individual animals.  And, of course it allows us to have some fun!

Charlotte with kids Arctic & Clipper last spring

Charlotte with kids Arctic & Clipper last spring

Some people say you shouldn’t name animals that you are raising for meat, it makes it too hard. But on our farm, name or no name, we know our animals, the pigs, the kids, even the poultry, at least as a group.  We have small herds and we care.

Saying goodbye to an animal because they are off to the butcher can be sad. We each have different connections to different animals and we do mourn their loss.  Many animals are missed and always appreciated for the gifts they bring all of us — joy and laughter, and in the end delicious, healthy food all while living a good life.  It is hard to ask for more than that.

As our long-term farm members and fans know, we use a yearly naming scheme for all animals that are born or come to our farm each year.  And it is time for a new naming scheme as the goats are VERY pregnant and the first kids are due to arrive in the next week!

Grace modeling Very Pregnant

Grace modeling Very Pregnant

So, tell us your ideas and/or vote on ideas that have been suggested (see Facebook too!) and then we will need names.  There aren’t many rules for the naming scheme:

  • ideally not too cryptic, we like lots of folks to be able to suggest names
  • Broad enough to handle 20+ goats, dozens of piglets, poultry flocks and such
  • Not counter to the mission of the farm (candybars & diseases have been past suggestions. While they may offer some fun names, we thought might not really be good in the marketing front!)


Theme ideas that have come forth…(but keep coming with more!)

  • Flowers
  • Countries
  • World Leaders
  • Mythology
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Musicians
  • ……..


Past Themes

Moving Jemima & her aptly named piglets Snø, Schnee & Isobar on a wintery Thanksgiving week day!

Moving Jemima & her aptly named piglets Snø, Schnee & Isobar on a wintery Thanksgiving week day!

2014: Weather

2013: Characters from Children’s Books

2012: Mountains

2011: Egypt

2010: A Space Odyssey

2009: Games

2008: Revolutionary War…(inspired by Green Mt Boys/Girls, etc)