Characters From Kids Books

Thanks to all of the robust discussion about naming themes — what amazing ideas.  So many Vermont themes and nature based themes (birds, trees, etc) that we will have consider them for future years — and some fun ones too…We LOVED reading the ideas and found it REALLY tough to make a choice.

But one member made a compelling case for Characters from Childrens’ books, “as this is also the year of a human baby at the farm.”  So we all decided that it is a beautiful nod to Liva and Forrest and the adventure they are about to embark on.  And to clinch it, the first kids arrived last Thursday, the day the farm was showering Liva & Forrest with our love, wishes and best advice as they prepare to embark on parenting.

As a bonus, Donna suggested we could collect the books to go with the names and have a childrens book collection/library in the barn, or donate them to a good cause.  A great idea and in fact, I suspect some adults would like to reread some of these books!

So…now..onto the actual NAMES!

We have gotten a wonderful start from the farm’s facebook page – definitely some favorites across the board.   But now we need to choose names for the goats that have arrived and get ready for those that are coming!  With twins and triplets, it is great to have names that somehow go together – all characters from a book, or some other tie…..I could imagine Pooh, Paddington & Corduroy for example, the Bobbsey Twins…..oh the possibilities.

To see the growing list of suggestions, click here.  Or just  Send us your favorites and/or post them on facebook! 

A Review of the Naming Themes!

  • 2013 – Characters from Kids Books
  • 2012 – Mountains
  • 2011 – Egypt
  • 2010 – A Space Odyssey
  • 2009 – Games
  • 2008 – Revolutionary…our initial year inspired by our name, the Green Mountain Girls, a take on Green Mountain Boys, but food revolutionaries.
  • And then there are the movie stars that came to us with their names in 2008- Ingrid (Bergman) & Grace(Kelly)