Unexpected Goodbyes

We have had a few unexpected goodbyes this week, both somewhat anticipated for some point this year, but not as quickly as they happened.

Gellert, perhaps the most memorable animal on the farm, traveled in yesterday’s snow to the Royal Butcher.  He had gotten too big to breed our sows, his feet have never been good and we had been debating if there was anyone who might want him when Royal informed us he had an opening.  So we took some precautions on loading…an 1100 lb boar on walk-about is never fun and in a snowstorm we figured the town plows did not want to see him in the road…and headed to Braintree where we walked him for the last time.  Fortunately, he was happy to snort it up with another pig awaiting.

Photo by Rose Wall



Takamba, the eldest member of the Boer goat does that came to us from tatiana Stanton last year, fell ill last week, some weakness of the legs or more likely a neurological problem.  Fortunately, while she can’t stand, she hasn’t been in pain, happily chowing away at hay and we were able to help her deliver 2 adorable goat kids on Sunday afternoon who she did a masterful job of licking off. We will help her gracefully exit this world this afternoon, not in the manner we had hoped, but with care and appreciation all the same.

We will miss them both.  The barn is already so much quieter without our lumbering, enormous, yet lovable boar.  And Takamba who in less than a year went from super skittish and a bit skeptical about us to enjoying having her ears scratched..especially if some treats were involved, has been a trouper, though we are happy to ensure she doesn’t get to a place of pain.

Our gratitude to both for what they give in life and in death.