Kidding Season, here we come!

Swing Low, Sweet Pregnant Goats……

A very pregnant Grace

Somehow that tune comes to mind these days as I work with goats.  The girls are wide and hanging low.  They still think they can squeeze through some tight spaces, but it just isn’t true.  Their kids are experiencing their final in-utero growth spurt and soon the bouncing bundles of cuteness will be upon us.

This year we have all experienced mamas, which is a nice relief.  They all did a great job last year and we hope for the same this year.   Little Myst should lead off the kidding on Sunday and she is certainly looking like she will be right on schedule.  A goat is due each day for the rest of the week, keeping us on our toes – but in a sane way.  [A far cry from our friends at Fat Toad Farm that had 45 does due in 2 days!]  Our new does, the Boer Meat goats, will provide a second wave of kidding in late April.


For now, we are enjoying the sun and calm, nearly forgetting that soon there will be several more animals on the farm.  While also preparing a bit for that change.

May all go smoothly and by next week we’ll have new characters to introduce.   Stay tuned on our Facebook page for updates.  We’ll post photos and videos of the kids there!