Thematically Speaking

As we welcome in March, thoughts turn to the new births that we will soon welcome.  Kidding will be first – starting March 11th (or so) and then  some piglets are due mid-April and shortly after will be the arrival of baby chicks.

There are many preparations on the farm: making sure spaces are ready, all supplies are on hand, and other work is in order to make time to spend with the new mamas and babies. 

And then there are NAMES, of course.   We don’t yet have a naming scheme for 2012, but it certainly is time to choose one as we have only 11 days until the first new animals of 2012 are due to arrive.    For those new to the farm naming scheme, we aim to have a theme so that we know what year each animal arrived on the farm.  Thus far we have had:

2008: Revolutionary War (the start of the Green Mtn Girls)

2009: Games

2010: A Space Odyssey

2011: Egypt

Thus our sow, Checkers, was born in 2009 also the same year Uno and Jenga came to us.  Pig  Tut, clearly born in 2011.

So we are seeking nominations for a 2012 theme.  Something that doesn’t take too much explanation and for which we can seek lots of name suggestions for the goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys and any other animals that come to the farm this year.

Send your theme ideas to or post it on the farm’s facebook page.  Next week, we’ll have a vote at the farmstand because we need a naming theme before the first kids arrive and Myst is due on March 11th!

Looking forward to everyone’s ideas!