At the Farmstand: March 23-29

scallions farmstandHappy Spring?!  Well, happy official start to Spring…Vermont Spring which means wintry weather but spring day length.   On these sunny days the hoophouses look like spring – in fact some of the beds are transitioning over to some spring plantings….it has started!

A range of greens are coming in steadily, freezers are stocked with our meats, veggies, broth, pestos and Field Stone Farm pizzas! Plenty of good eating whether you are in Spring or Winter or Sprinter mode.


This week at our Farmstand you can find:our-eggs-whole-and-in-fry-pan-with-our-schmaltz

• Eggs


Fresh/Stored Veggies & HerbsMarch farmstand greens

• Arugula
• Beets
• Bok Choy, Frozen
• Broccoli, Frozen
• Carrots
• Chard, Frozen
• Delicata Squash*

• Garlic, frozen
• Ginger, Baby (frozen)
• Kale, Frozen & Fresh*

• Onions
• Potatoes
• Scallions
• Spring Salad Mixes
• Spinach, Fresh
• Stir Fry/Braising Greens
• Tomatoes, Frozen


Meats      roast leg of goat

• Bacon, Maple Smoked
• Bones, Pork & Goat
• Chicken, Roasting
• Chicken, Stewing Hens
• Chorizo
• Country Style Ribs (Sliced Shoulder Roasts)
• Fat, Pork Leaf
• Fat, Pork Back
• Goat Shoulder Chops, bone -in* (good for stew)
• Ground Pork
• Ham Hock Ends
• Ham Roasts & Steaks
• Italian Pork Sausage, bulk
• Pork Jowl
• Kielbasa, unsmoked
• Leg of Goat Roasts
• Loin Roasts, Goat (small)
• Offals – Trotters, hearts, liver, kidneys, necks, etc.
• Pork Chops
• Ribs/Rack, Goat*
• Ribs, Pork
• Shanks, Goat
• Stew meat, Goat boneless
• Turkey, Whole
• Turkey Drumettes & Drumsticks
• Turkey Thighs
• Turkey Wings


Pantry & Prepared Foodsbone broth

Beet puree
• Heirloom Tomato Bloody Mary Mix
• Bone Broth, Chicken, Pork and Turkey
Bread & Butter Squash Pickles
 Mexican Pickled Carrots, Taqueria Style
Dilly Beans
• Lard (Leaf & Regular)
• Lemon Pickles
• Pâté, Chicken & Turkey Sage
• Pepperoncini
• Pesto, Arugula, Basil & Garlicky Kale
• Asian Style Plum Sauce
• Heirloom Tomato Salsa
• Tomolives (pickled green cherry tomatoes)
• Dried Hot Peppers
Dried Tomatoes

From our Farm Friends    field stone pizza pea pesto our bacon in bag with label

• Pizza from Field Stone Farm:  Maple Balsamic Onion w/ Bacon; Tomato & Feta; Tomato
• Honey, Brookfield Bees
• Maple Syrup, Brookfield Bees
• BEANS! – King of the Early from Morningstar Meadows Farm
• Cider Syrup, Brookfield Bees

This Week’s Member Special

All of the above is available for members and retail shoppers, but we also offer some specials for our members.  To learn more about our flexible, free Choice Farm Share memberships, see the details on our website.
• Winterbor Kale

• Goat Shoulder Chops, bone-in, really great for goat stews

• Goat Ribs/Breast, good slow cooked

• All Winter Squash, time to enjoy them as they last a long time, but not forever.