Appreciating Carrie, Local Banquet AND Neighbors

localbanquetcover spring2017


Pick up the Spring issue of Local Banquet!  Well, always pick up issues of Local Banquet because they continually do a great job of sharing stories about the triumphs and struggles of raising, selling, serving and preparing food raised in Vermont and the region.

This issue marks 10 years of the magazine and also the last for Carrie Abels as editor.  Deep thanks to Carrie as editor and Barb and Meg, the publishers, for chronicling the full texture (body, mind, soul, emotions) of farming over this dynamic decade. All your care, curiosity and wholehearted dedication lives on in these beautiful magazines and the movement they both reflect and fuel.

Many of you may have met Carrie through her engagement in local food issues throughout the state or even at the farm several years ago when she worked with us, keeping her journalism real.  You may have also seen and shared her other project,, helping people achieve their goals of eating humanely raised meat.  All will miss her deft touch at Local Banquet, but we are also thrilled for her to embark upon her own agricultural venture.

We were honored to be the “Last Morsel” in the last issue that Carrie edited, a piece dedicated to all of you who have supported us along the way.


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