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Appreciating Carrie, Local Banquet AND Neighbors

  Pick up the Spring issue of Local Banquet!  Well, always pick up issues of Local Banquet because they continually do a great job of sharing stories about the triumphs and struggles of raising, selling, serving and preparing food raised in Vermont and the region. This issue marks 10 years of the magazine and also […]

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Appreciating Neighbors

Neighbor and community are two words which show up frequently in our weekly farm blog. When it comes to community supported agriculture it isn’t all about a “CSA” or “farm share”.  And as we go back through the week-by-week accounts the community support from our neighbors is a consistent weave — the threads varied and […]

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Partnerships are Great

Partnerships are wonderful in all of their many forms and often make us truly thankful for our great community as well as the amazing food that can be raised in Vermont! Here are a few of our favorite partnerships of the week! Eggs & Art                 Field Stone […]

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