On the Move

Most weeks things are on the move at the farm…We move goat herds daily, pigs and chickens at least twice a week, veggies in, weeds out, and farmers all around the farm.  But this week seemed to have some extra moves on hand.

The goat kids that have eaten all the grass at our neighbor Kati’s so they moved, calm and beautifully I might add, back to our fields.

darienne and analies moving goats staff

Many a downed tree moved into woodchips for the base of the massive compost pile, to mulch the orchard and as a base for the the winter barn (look we are ahead!).

elmers chipping


Crop beds moved into good clean shape to welcome the storage carrots which were then planted and tended through the hot weekend.

staff darienne prepping carrot bed


And the our big herd of meat goats were sorted into the male group, now led by Elvis (chose not to neuter this year) and the female group who we moved (walked, not quite as smoothly as the last walk) to the far southern end of the property where those who delivered spring kids joined them.   Sows are on deck for a similar move to the northen end of the farm, as we wean their piglets from them.


Jenga added an additional move that wasn’t on the list when she decided she jumped the fences twice because didn’t like the southern spot, or the M/F segregation..or she just missed her kid Elvis, hard to tell, but she is thinking about that near the milking barn for a bit….then we will move her back. Got to love her spunk at 8 years old!

And of course lots of yummy veggies moved in from the fields to the farmstand for you to enjoy!

summer squash