Swarms in the Making

As last week’s newsletter indicated, it is chervil season. Unfortunately this intimidating invasive plant (See the Vermont Invasives.org website for an overview), is marching toward early flowering and seeding — on the same timeline as planting out annual vegetables, getting animals out on pasture, amending the orchards, etc. So if anyone wants an excuse to spend a bit more time at the farm and enjoy the company of wonderful weed warriors, come on out the next two Thursdays.

Across Central Vermont hills others are out there. Marda Donner from Brookfield Bees (honey, maple syrup and cider syrup in the farmstand) typically starts just as the snow is melting, which is the best time as it is still small! And Victoria Webber has been documenting its advance for more than a decade. We got a start on our 1/5th of a mile of road frontage, in fact I believe with Soliz’s hours this evening we are close to 50% done (do we sound like VPR now?!)… but we need help keeping this aggressive weed  out of our pastures. Just last week, the Vermont House & Senate Agriculture Committees the Vermont House  jointly issued a letter enlisting help in combating the spread of this aggressively competitive, nonnative plant.

We’ll have a team on the road’s edge from 3-6:30 May 7th and 14th. Come join us if you can!

Mari’s brother Kevin is a certified “Weed Warrior” in Maryland, and they have a spiffy website which some of you may want to glance at for inspiration. We’ll be serving cold herb tea and a pate and pickle snack to all who can join us for a bout of cherviling. If you don’t have time to dig, do still pop up to the farmstand and perhaps an encouraging honk of your horn to those braving the chervil!

Two years ago Chervil in late May nearly buried Mari in the compost pile…(ok it was only her shoes)

Buried in Chervil

Buried in Chervil