Kids, kids, kids and snow

Scientists have known for a long time that the majestic Himalayas have a dramatic impact on local weather patterns in Asia, but the latest research shows the impact is global in scale, and may even have precipitated the beginning of the ice age 2.5 million years ago.

Somehow fitting that Annapurna, one of the Himalyan Mountains and goddess of the harvest, lead off our March kidding season with this year’s theme of weather!  Now hopefully, she won’t be responsible for another ice age (though it has been very cold this winter!)

Family Portrait Annapurna with Hima and Hala Hala


With a nod to the dramatic weather and geography of the Himalyas, her doelings are Hima (snow) and Hala Hala (the sound of the rains, when they finally arrive with the monsoon winds).


They are doing great and have been hanging with Charlotte twins, Artic and Clipper – most adorable.






Family Portrait Charlotte with Artic and Clipper

Arctic and Clipper










Today, with the snow, Myst delivered a doeling, Blizzard and a big buckling, Vulcan.  Somewhat eerily, their weights (8.6 & 11.6 lbs) equal our updated snow predictions almost pound for inch at 20.2 lbs!

vulcan with mama myst










While we wait for the next kids to arrive (Pippi, Fern, Ingrid and Pico are all starting to look ready!), we are moving snow, preparing to move more snow and using the extra height of the snow pack to do some orchard pruning. The goats and pigs will love the trimmings if we can keep them from getting buried.















Of course, yesterday, while we were busy, Wangari and Worldbeat were just hanging(spreading?) out, soaking up the warm March day and enjoying the calm before the storm.

lounging on a warm March day