Meet the Kids

Kids, kids, kids….at least it seems that way, nothing compared to our friends at Fat Toad Farm who have had 46 does kid!

When you come to shop at the farm, do come meet the kids and until then, here is a preview…youngest to oldest.  Based on this past week’s deliveries, our new Boer Buck Olympus (who is on vacation with Dennis Donahue’s goats) was very busy in mid-October.  Boris is responsible for the triplets, and all of the does yet to kid.


Bambi & Thumper:  Myst’s 2 doelings, born Wed, 3/20









Charlie & Willie Wonka: Takamba’s chocolate brown twosome (Sunday, 3/17)

A big thanks to the farmers and does at  Fat Toad Farm for sparing a bit of goat milk to help with the initial bottle feeding of these two cuties.










Piglet & Eyeore: Wangari’s boys (Saturday 3/16)

so thankful that she delivered 2 healthy boys with ease this year as she had the hardest birth last year, which Carrie Abels so eloquently captured.










Corduroy & Paddington: Worldbeat’s boys (Friday, 3/15)















Pippi Longstocking & Mr. Nilsson:  Mah Jong’s  holstein style kids (Monday, 3/11)










Charlotte, Fern & Wilbur: Jenga’s triplets!   (Thursday, March 7th)