Showering Liva & Forrest with Farm Love

For 3 1/2 years, Liva has been tending vegetables, livestock and this farm with all of us.  Forrest has used his talents to help us create wonderful spaces for our work and displaying our products and making them easy for you to access.

Now they are about to embark upon a new challenge…parenting!

We know from the care Liva and Forrest have displayed for all of our customers, plants, livestock and colleagues at the Farm that they will do well as parents.  But let’s ensure Liva and Forrest feel the love and support from our farm community to send them into the adventure of parenting with a boost!  ‘Cause lord knows if parenting is like farming — rewarding, but also challenging, they will need it.

Yes…a farm baby shower..

more or less.


The Details:

Thursday, March 7th  6-8pm at the Farm*

We will start in the farmstand creating a Milk Jar of Support for them.  Filling it with helpful tips, quotes, affirmations,reminders…any bit you would like to share that they can pull out in moments of need to help  them cope, laugh, smile and feel our support.

We are also happy to add thoughts to the jar from those who can’t make it to the farm at all…just send them to us at: and we will print them out!


We will have soup and social time (while shopping continues)  in the farmstand and/or upstairs in the barn event space where we all can  weave a blanket a warm wisdom with your stories and advice.

*For those of you who can’t stay for supper but would like to greet Liva or drop some wisdom in the jar – both will be available in the farmstand from 4-6.



Liva cradling a one will be a bit different,but surely as cute