Saying Goodbye to Cardigan

This week we also say goodbye to Cardigan, one of the piglets born in April.  We thank her for all of her contributions to fields, including digging up logged areas and adding fertility so that future pigs and goats have lots of wonderful grasses to eat.  And of course we thank her for the joy and laughter she has brought to all who frequent the farm.  Certainly, we are also incredibly grateful that she will offer nutritious, humanely raised meats for our friends, neighbors and other customers.

Checkers, Cardigan & Chocorua soaking up sun

Chocorua, her litter mate, may miss her most.  But then again, Cardigan was the bossy one and Chocorua will soon (we hope) have tending to piglets on her mind.  Until then she will get to be the smaller pig who can easily tuck herself between Gellert & Checkers on the cold nights.

Chocorua & Cardigan enjoying snow