A Night of Kinship

What a weekend the farm had!  We welcomed old friends to feast and fill our barn with song, and greeted new faces for farm tours, cider pressing, and roast goat.  A rainbow arched over the farm as folks headed in for the harvest supper, and a group of my friends joked, “they have rainbows here everyday!”  While we get rainbows as often as the next guy, nights like these indeed always seem to remind us how blessed we are,  tucked into this cozy hill with the best view of Paine Mountain around, pasture roots slowly stretching into the soil, spinach soaking up cool well water, and friends and family gathered in the warm light of the barn.  The harried hours (days?) of food prep, event set-up, and coordination often distill down to simple glee in these moments.  We’re so happy to grow food for (and celebrate with!) you fine people, and so enjoyed your company this past weekend.

A big thanks to Melissa Crabtree and Jane Karras for their beautifully spirited songs and stories–what mirth you two filled our barn with!  We’re better for having steeped in your cool rushing lyrics and talented strummin’.

With that kind of fuel, we’ve been trucking right along with an earnest celeriac harvest, spinach transplanting, animal moves, chard blanching and freezing, and we just penciled in another round of chicken processing for next week, so get your favorite chicken recipes at the ready!


Friend-of-the-farm Rob Spring documented the night with these beautiful photos.  Thanks so much for sharing, Rob!