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Rainy Days and Roots

Really it was rainy day prep with livestock moves — when farmers hear Nor’easter, we pay attention.  Wet, cold and windy….not the best for our pastured livestock, especially tough on the goats, but we have made sure they all have good shelter, plenty of hay as a buffer and thanks to harvest and gleaning they are […]

Rain and stew…

Lovely rains relieved the dry pastures and orchards. Luckily our well drained soils demand our crop fields have good irrigation so the dry September didn’t set back the veggies. After so many glorious days, the drips off brim of the rain hat brought the gaze down and there on the forest floor was the vibrant […]


  It wasn’t thunder that woke us. Just a deluge. Our minds wandered over our undulating landscape picturing where the young pigs, poultry and goats were moved today, remembering who has which shelter, confirming if there is anything that needs to be done besides worrying for everyone downhill. It persisted (in the end for more […]