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Hands-On Enthusiasm & Gratitude

Once again, we are in the midst of hosting a Williams College Winter Study Class at the farm engaging with them in a great, hands-on, learning adventure.  The week combines hands-on activities with conversations with farmers, journalists, policy makers, and others in the food system focused on how to make our food system more sustainable, […]

Hands-On Enthusiasm

It seems fitting that in this week that our farm and neighborhood received the news that Roy Butler had passed away, we were caught up in a great, hands-on, learning adventure. We hosted thought leaders and had intimate meals and conversations. We trundled off to Montpelier and Hardwick, to Royal Butcher, Mountain Deer Taxidermy and […]

Occupy the Farm

New Year’s Resolutions motivate many people. Others resist. Studies show such goals are surprisingly effective, 40% or more resulting in significant change. Whether resolutions work for you or not, we are grateful for your resolve to be involved in our farm and support local food production. We welcome the drama of supporting new resolutions people […]