Our Farm in Film: The whys and hows

Green Mountain Girls Farm: Short Documentary from Pete & TJ Productions on Vimeo.

This short film about the farm is certainly our favorite (and most useful) student project.  Peter VanderWilden, a UVM student focused on both documentary film as well as environmental studies approached us last fall about a collaboration that would result in a short documentary about our farm for his Service Learning Film class.  He wanted to help us communicate what is special about our farm and why we do what we do.

Peter, who has spent some summers farming as well, (Thanks Maple Wind Farm) did a fantastic job capturing the essence of how and why we farm the way we do.  We hope you enjoy this little tour through the farm.  And of course, huge thanks to the Farley family for making themselves available for some filming, touring and an interview.  And we have great appreciation for the Service Learning approach at UVM.   The whole class did documentaries about Vermont’s farms and food systems (check out the summary).

Get some popcorn (farm fresh of course), sit back (for 6 minutes) and enjoy!