Naming Theme 2014: Weather

**We Have a Winner**
Naming Theme 2014: Weather

Thank you so much to everyone who voted and gave suggestions; it was a close race but, in the end, weather gets the gold! Kidding starts in early March in earnest, but it’s never too early, so start thinking of your favorite weather words!

Without further ado, I present our first baby of the weather year: Frost, a doeling born on a cold and windy night in January. Her tenacity brought her through a rough first two weeks and we are proud to report that she and mom, Flora, are doing well.



Note: Famous Russians also did quite well in the polls. We got a lot of great suggestions and it’s a very fitting theme for this year but, like so many others who are currently refusing to spend their money and time in Russia, we decided that our focus would be better given elsewhere. We hope to revisit this theme someday under happier circumstances.


Here at Green Mountain Girls Farm, we choose a naming theme each year to help us keep track of when animals were born or came to the farm and because it is fun!

Our goat kids, piglets, poultry flocks, and any newcomers will be named according to this theme.

With the first goat kid running around the hoophouse looking for trouble we are in need of a theme for 2014.


Past themes include: 

2013: Characters from Children’s Books 

2012: Mountains

2011: Egypt

2010: A Space Odyssey

2009: Games

2008: Revolutionary War…(inspired by Green Mt Boys/Girls, etc)


We’ve gotten lots of great suggestions and have whittled them down to a handful of possibilities. Vote for your top choices, give name suggestions, and even theme suggestions for years to come!


Vote for this year’s Naming Theme here 

Then be sure to come by and say hello to our pregnant does and their first bouncy little girl.