Tomato Variety is the Spice of Life


Here at Green Mountain Girls Farm we love our tomatoes – and we hope you will too! We are growing more than 10 varieties this year, each with their own delicious qualities suited to different uses and preferences, and we’d love to introduce you.




Cherry Tomatoes:

Cherry tomatoes are delicious in salads and generally good for fresh eating, drying, salsa and anything else you can imagine.

Sun Gold: Exceptionally sweet and fruity bright orange cherry tomato. Lovingly referred to as “farmer candy”

Black Cherry

Black cherry: A larger purple-red sweet cherry tomato with a
more complex flavor.

White Cherry

White Cherry: A sweet, pale yellow cherry with a light mild flavor.

Red Grape

Red Grape: A deep red cherry with a more traditional tomato flavor




Slicing Tomatoes:

Yellow Brandywine


Moskovitch: Deep red, smooth, and globe shaped. A classic tomato with rich flavor.

Yellow Brandywine: A large deep golden tomato. Very rich and sweet, an individual fruit can weigh more than two pounds. A farmer favorite for its lovely flavor and texture.


Black Prince

Black Prince: Medium sized, mahogany brown with a distinctive fruity tomato flavor.


Copia: A beautiful yellow tomato with striking red strikes radiating from its underside, Copia is sweet and juicy with a delicious and delicate flavor.

Golden Rave

Golden Rave: A golden yellow baby roma (smaller and oblong) with a sweet, well-balanced flavor great for fresh eating or cooking







Paste Tomatoes:

San Marzano

Juliet: A small, flavorful, versatile, mini roma – called a “saladette” tomato – great for fresh eating, salads, salsas, and sauce.

San Marzano: A slightly blocky, rectangular paste tomato that is a favorite of many for excellent sauces.