Thanks to the Humaneitarians

Many of you have met Carrie Abels, editor of Local Banquet, founder of and our farm volunteer last season.

She launched a year ago and with it created not only a resource for folks who want to be conscientious omnivores, but also a conversation about how meat is raised.

With her journalistic touch and sincere care, she is cultivating great resources, stories and becoming a key piece of the effort to help people know more about what they eat including deciphering the various labels for folks who don’t buy directly from a farm.  And this week, they got a well deserved write-up on 

We love that we sell our farm’s meat and veggies directly to customers, so you all get to see firsthand how your meat is raised and ask questions about what they are fed and how they are treated.


Our small part of the education effort comes about in tours as well.  Just last weekend, someone on a farm tour commented, “your pigs are so clean.” We hear this often, and are generally surprised and saddened that people expect them to be in a dirty, sloppy space.  “We pasture our pigs, moving them every 3-7 days, to keep them healthy and happy,” is our general response as well as talking about the other benefits of rotationally grazing our livestock.

We only reach a small group of people who visit the farm.  Thanks to Carrie and Humaneitarian for having a bigger reach.  Congratulations on a great first year and we look forward to much more to come.

And if you want to share your story about how or why you eat humanely raised meat, check out the site!  Carrie & would love to hear from you.