Yogi in the Pantry

Wednesdays pop up frequently! Isn’t it amazing how quickly a week flies by?

Yoga in the Barn

All of a sudden here we are again letting the farm move from center stage to a backdrop, settling in at our yoga mats. Weekly regulars and newcomers gather, drawn by Lydia’s strong reputation, kept by her meticulous clarity of language directing each pose, challenged intellectually and spiritually by her themes and fed by her stories and poems.

Inevitably as the class ends we think to ourselves, has Lydia been spying on us? Does she hang out in our pantry and hear our daily grind? How is it that her themes are so relevant?

In part it is that we all have such busy lives, yet we typically yearn for a few simple things. These align with the practice of yoga.  Lydia’s class description offers the following:

~Build strength and flexibility in body, mind, and spirit

~Learn proper alignment to stay safe in your practice
~Get inspired by mythology, poetry, and the wisdom of Nature
~Practice in a supportive and encouraging environment
~Meet other wonderful people in your community
~Learn to take yoga off your mat and put it into action in the world!

What we know is that yoga at the farm makes us better farmers (stronger, healthier) and people (tracking more closely our intentions, reflecting regularly on important connections).

If you are thinking about attending Lydia’s yoga class (at the farm Wednesday afternoons at 4:30 or elsewhere throughout the week) we encourage you! Our farm is thrilled to offer the space to Lydia so she can repeatedly bring teaching that reminds us each of our gifts and thus we all share and create more wealth in our community. Namaste.


More on Lydia’s Yoga at: Saprema-Yoga.com