Appreciating Carrie


Carrie arrives quietly on Thursdays, checks in at the chore board and begins chipping away ensuring all have fresh water and good eats.  This can mean moving fence for fresh pasture and browse as well as lugging grain bags, hay and water.  Next, typically, is milking the does, replete with all the intimacy appertaining thereto. Warm bellies with shiny coats to lean against. Cud breath. A friendly, somewhat anxious dog waiting for his “Cappucc-Uno”.  Inquiries and conversations about farming, raising livestock humanely and the viability of Vermont’s working landscape.


After cleanup she weaves herself into the harvest team, wherever extra hands are needed. Picking beans, herbs, tomatoes…  Washing produce, packing for deliveries, setting up the farmstand, processing and canning, touring groups…. Accentuating vibrancy, editing the whole while.


Then there is the joy of “farmer lunch”, which we’d all have to admit is more spectacular on Thursdays. Carrie’s blog inspires us.  We admire Local Banquet* and respect what it takes to shepherd and edit. Moreover we know how important this and other efforts are to amplify the potential and struggles of sustainable agriculture.






Carrie volunteered her Thursdays through the length of the growing season so she could “keep it real”. We hope your time fed your needs Carrie and that it provides fodder into the future for your good work.


Meanwhile know that you brought out the best in us through your quiet coaching, subtle advising, relentless plugging away at chores, jars, and whatever else was on the list.  Most of all through your ease, great questions, steady comradery, knowing smiles, ready laugh and gentle encouragement.

Thank you.




*Note, this Fall’s issue of Local Banquet has Lauren’s piece “Delivering Awe” as well as her cover photo of our little Elbris eating Kati’s ferns!