Peas and Louise

There once was a vole named Louise

Louise gobbling up peas – art by Liva Coe

Who had quite a penchant for peas

I planted them thrice

Louise said, “How nice!”

As she gobbled them up with great ease

— Liva Coe

Liva composed this limerick while in the fields one day.  It may have been the long days and the sun that  tapped her creativity, or maybe just some other moment that triggered the knowledge that some crops just aren’t that easy to grow or at least not easy to grow and make profitable.


Snap peas.  Everyone loves them.  Clearly that everyone includes Louise.  In this recent survey and  prior surveys peas have definitely topped the list of veggies folks would like more of, fresh and frozen.  Sadly, we won’t be able to deliver on that one.  Peas are a bit finicky, weather dependent, slow to pick and require a lot of space to get real volume.  All of those factors make them a difficult crop for our farm to produce in any notable quantities and survive.  We are considering some ways to keep them available longer and more often, including some pick-your-own options, but it is safe to say that if you are a pea lover, enjoy now and plan to plant some at home as well because we may not be able to fulfill your desire.  That, and have a chat with Louise.


Tomatoes   Ok, tomatoes are another favorite crop.  The farmers enjoyed 2 of the first tomatoes at lunch yesterday.  It was one of those moments when the table gets quiet, the facial expressions become more distant and philosophical as we all savored the flavor of a true tomato.  Tomatoes, unlike peas, we can grow well and in quantity for fresh enjoyment and canned for the winter.  The first ones will be available this week – enough for everyone to have a sample.  But take one look into the hoop house and you can start to dream about all the ways you want to enjoy summer tomatoes.   Those days are coming soon.