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A new twist on the basics

Last night we stole the hens away from their perches in the hoop house. Placed into their mobile hen wagon they resettled and we drove them up to the front yard. It is too early to place the animals on pasture, we’ll set back the grass wherever they go. Yet the Excel-based crop plan tells […]

Starting the Seasonal Transition

This week, the farm started the transition from the depths of winter (which truly can be a bit blissful, with the year’s major workload seeming to be far, fa r, away) towards spring.  Now many of you felt that too probably with last weekend’s springy temps, but perhaps with more longing and joy than some […]

Changes Afoot

The snow pack has receded in a blink!  Pasture is reappearing. Ice is floating in a thin layer in only the center of the pond. A (the?) killdeer pair circled the farm vocalizing early Sunday morning, perhaps debating if this was the right spot! They were loud as we headed over to milk. The whole […]

Hens in their mobile hen house

Napping in the Sun

Even the pigs can’t resist a nap in the sun as it warms up. While some parts of the country are already into the warm, flowering days of spring, here in central Vermont spring is a bit slower to arrive. But spring has arrived. This year much of our snow is already melted and the […]


Spring has arrived officially by the calendar and as I noted in Hens Walk About , we can see the signs here in Central Vermont. We have put away this year’s winter slideshow and are now posting spring pictures from our farm. We will keep adding to this slideshow all season so you can see […]

Hens on Walk About

Clearly, spring has arrived here in Central Vermont. Signs are everywhere: the sun has warmth and strength, snow is melting, the sap is running, new birds at our feeder, the brook is rushing, Geese heading north, muddy roads and our chickens are venturing out from the hoop house. Spring, at least early spring in our […]