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Head over Heels

Last Sunday morning started on some grim notes. Weasel struck again and we found ourselves composting headless chickens. Current score = weasel(s) 30, farmers nil. But moments later one of the young pigs plopped into the water bin trying to cool off. The bin was on a sloping landscape and with its squirming to maintain […]

Moving Parts

Celsius and Farenheit, along with mom Amelia moved out to pasture to join the other pigs this week Not only are the animals on the move this week as they always are, but the farmers are too. With Laura and Mari off to a family graduation (of part-time farmer nephew Noah), the rest of the […]

Ramona and the Rains

The beauty of piglets came back to us this week.  After a changing of the guard in the winter of 2013 and a year of raising three beautiful breeding gilts (young female pigs) from the Whalen’s Green Mountain Heritage Farm in Chelsea, Ramona Quimby was the first to deliver a beautiful litter of piglets. She […]

Starting the Seasonal Transition

This week, the farm started the transition from the depths of winter (which truly can be a bit blissful, with the year’s major workload seeming to be far, fa r, away) towards spring.  Now many of you felt that too probably with last weekend’s springy temps, but perhaps with more longing and joy than some […]

Comings and Goings

Somehow it often seems that departures are matched with some arrivals on our farm.  Perhaps it is because in all seasons a diversified farm has many moving parts or perhaps it is just a natural balance of the cycle of life. Five tamworth piglets arrived with the Whalens from Vermont Heritage Farm on Sunday afternoon […]

Enjoying the Snow

  We have been enjoying the snow at the farm. We, mostly meaning the farmers, but some of the animals too, at least the pigs and Uno.  The goats….well, there is split in the ranks some seem to like it just fine, others I believe might prefer a Florida vacation…or at least somewhere with less […]

Saying Goodbye to Cardigan

This week we also say goodbye to Cardigan, one of the piglets born in April.  We thank her for all of her contributions to fields, including digging up logged areas and adding fertility so that future pigs and goats have lots of wonderful grasses to eat.  And of course we thank her for the joy […]

Comings and Goings

Apparently I’m not the only one who appreciates the contented grunts of our ten pigs, who (if you haven’t driven by lately) are quite the roadside attraction aside Loop Rd. A few days ago, Laura, Mari, and Lauren were finishing up a paddock expansion for the porcine crew, when a family drove by, a rear window rolled […]

Window Seat Reservation!

For Laura it started like this: She and Lauren were in the market pig paddock reviewing morning care procedures. Phone rings. Voice rings with equal clarity, “I’m okay but I need help”. Then Laura repeats out loud hoping Lauren will help her make note, “Grain. Eggs. Those scraps of plywood. Screws. Drill.” “Somewhere between Exit […]

Cycles of Life

These cycles of compost and plants and our animals lives are amazing.  This week we anticipate two notable points on that continuum.  Goat kids should be arriving any moment with their bouncy enthusiasm and curiosity about their new world.  They always bring smiles to those nearby. This week we will also say goodbye to two pigs […]