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May Days

Thursday… volunteers bolstered our reserve and helped us gain more road frontage back from chervil and more progress was made on Saturday. Thanks Liz, Martha and Molly! More folks are coming this Thursday, do join if you can (for any sliver or chunk of time from 3:30-6:30. Spring abundance brought a bright array of greens […]

4 generation farmstay

Eat, Stay and Be Part of the Farm Experience

Alaina Pinto from Local 22/Local 44 broadcasted live from the farm on March 27th while experiencing a bit of life on the farm. You can also find the pieces on the local Fox/ABC station!         Here are six of the segments she did that share some the farm experiences people can book […]

mari interview winter hens tv alaina

Spring and Agritourism coming to the Farm

While fellow farmers and folks from Rural Vermont testified at the State House regarding modifications to the Raw Milk bill, we completed mandated heard health tests for TB and brucellosis. The goat kids are thriving, learning to eat hay and browse and tanking up on milk, as evidenced by aggressive growth rates and adorable milk […]

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Vermont Life features Lattes on the Hoof

   In the Summer edition of Vermont Life, our on farm experience of Lattes on the Hoof is featured, right next to Heady Topper.  Taste sensations for all.       Green Mountain Girls, a farm in Northfield, may lay claim to the most direct farm-to-mouth culinary experience – Melissa Passanen writes in Vermont Life […]

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Heritage Radio on Tourism and Raw Milk in the News

This week we had 2 fun news pieces. Steph from Fox 44 did a story about possible changes to the Raw Milk law that Rural Vermont is seeking on behalf of farmers.  The changes sought include some ability to sell small amounts of raw milk cheese, yogurt, butter and ice cream (the piece we are most interested in) […]

fox story on raw milk 2.5.14

Sharing the Farm Experience

This week, an Associated Press reporter captured well our small farm’s effort at not only producing sustainable, high quality food, but also providing related hands-on farm experiences, as both a way to offer people a deeper understanding of how their food can be raised and as a way to make a small farm viable. Her […]

AP story

The Farm in the News

Thanks Times-Argus for the shoutout! Thanksgiving Photos in the Times-Argus

Thanksgiving Photos in the Times-Argus

Greens on the Green and Milk on the Screen

It is easy to take things for granted. This week as Mari’s Dad turned 95, our farm was privileged to be part of a positive WCAX series on the new face of farming in Vermont. (Part 1, Part 2 ) We feel lucky. Sometimes it takes stepping out of regular patterns to notice one’s good fortune. “What sold?” […]