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Accolades for Lauren

We can still picture Lauren, leaning forward in the interview, positive and confident. She expressed commitment to communicating the nourishing potential of real food. A promise she fulfills. Flash forward through the seasons and the vignettes display an eager apprentice, gritting through daily chores with stamina and satisfaction, honoring labor with quiet and news of […]

Carrot Salad

This is Lauren’s favorite way to do carrots.  As simple as it gets, but somehow a departure in flavor from other carrot recipes that may have you burned out on beta carotene by March. So here’s to changing it up and sticking with these nutrient dense roots! Its a traditional staple for the French (“salade […]

Dreaming of Timothy and Clover

Last weekend farmers Laura, Mari, and Lauren hightailed it to the Vermont Grass Farmers Association‘s annual Grazing and Livestock Conference in Fairlee.  We caught up with colleagues from around the state, attended lectures and workshops, and even “made time” for some graciously donated Strafford ice cream. It’s really incredible to be reminded of what a supportive, […]