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New Products

Lists of superfoods often include the sweet potato. But the leave are ignored in this part of the world. Recently an article published by the University of Arkansas Extension grabbed our attention claiming “studies have shown that sweetpotato leaves contain as many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as spinach”. The comparison to spinach is apt as preparation is similar. Note that with spinach as well as sweet potato […]

Chili Lime Chicken Wings, pasture-raised of course

Millions, or is it billiions of Chicken wings will be consumed this Sunday at Super Bowl parties, most of them won’t come from chickens raised humanely, organically nor on pasture. But you can mix worlds and enjoy the popular snack at a party you attend with our pasture raised chicken wings. Thanks to Tendergass Farm’s Grass […]

Comings and Goings

Somehow it often seems that departures are matched with some arrivals on our farm.  Perhaps it is because in all seasons a diversified farm has many moving parts or perhaps it is just a natural balance of the cycle of life. Five tamworth piglets arrived with the Whalens from Vermont Heritage Farm on Sunday afternoon […]

Farming that is good for All of us

Nicholas Kristof focused his Sunday New York Times column on our food choices this week, Where Cows are Happy and Food is Healthy.  He does an excellent job of depicting the options we all have.  His example is an organic cow dairy in Oregon, but the values hold true on our farm too.  Kristof ends his piece noting, […]

Thoughts from Temple Grandin

Last weekend, many of us farmers listened as Dr. Temple Grandin talked about animal behavior, animal welfare and the farm and slaughter system. Her achievements are notable and her wisdom and insight are both remarkable yet somehow so simple. Her comments reminded me of why we manage our farm the way we do and inspired […]