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Learning Curve

On Monday afternoon as I finished an easy move of our small gaggle of new pullets, I was struck by how much they had learned in the 10 days they had been on the farm.  It may seem strange to talk about chickens learning, after all many consider them not the brightest bulbs in the […]

August Support!

May and August….the 2 months that seem to try the patience of at least these farmers.  Fortunately, we’ve had some extra hands lending some support around here. These August days already getting a bit shorter (whew!) and the hens seem to know it, but they have just been outfitted with some solar powered lights to keep […]

Goodbyes, Pregnancies, Worms and more

A few photos from the Farm this week:   We said goodbye to three goats, with gratitude for their service on the farm.     Confirmed that both sows are indeed pregnant!  Piglets due end of April & mid-May!                     Treated the Hens to some red wigglers […]


Who remembers that cheery traditional song “They’re laying eggs now…? How did it go? … “Just like they used to…”? Regardless of lyrics or tune, soon it will be true around here too. The hens are well into their molting and eggs are in very short supply. In all birds molting is the periodic replacement of feathers by shedding […]

Changes Afoot

The snow pack has receded in a blink!  Pasture is reappearing. Ice is floating in a thin layer in only the center of the pond. A (the?) killdeer pair circled the farm vocalizing early Sunday morning, perhaps debating if this was the right spot! They were loud as we headed over to milk. The whole […]

Hens in their mobile hen house

Happy Hens

Our hens love the sunny days. Today, it was definitely spring in the hoop house (their winter home) and possibly even summer by the temperatures at least. The hens roam in the snow-free hoop house all winter. In addition to organic grain, we give them hay and some vegetable scraps for entertainment. In the photo […]