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  Parents Magazine chose to profile us in their piece on great Farm Stays in each state.                           In truth, we are a great farmstay whether you have kids or not, though we love the multi-generational farmstays. Check out info on our Barn […]

May Days

Thursday… volunteers bolstered our reserve and helped us gain more road frontage back from chervil and more progress was made on Saturday. Thanks Liz, Martha and Molly! More folks are coming this Thursday, do join if you can (for any sliver or chunk of time from 3:30-6:30. Spring abundance brought a bright array of greens […]


It is said that Uncle Halvdan understood the language of crows and thus knew when a fox threatened the hen house. This is the type of deeply embedded complex knowledge we as mid career transplants to farming lack. Still, hosting cousins from Norway and dear friends from Chicago this week has plugged us into appreciating […]


This past week the farm had guests, lots of them, from many parts of the world.  Old friends, new folks, former staff, family and friends of friends.  It may have been the most diverse guest ensemble we have yet had, covering California, Canada, France, Vermont and even Norway from just under 2 to just over 95. […]