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Clean Food

We returned home from the BioNutrient Food Association’s Soil and Nutrition Conference spinning with ideas and very optimistic. As if to egg us on, Laura clicked on a NYT op ed by Jacques Leslie entitled Soil Power! The Dirty Way to a Clean Planet. Quoting Dr. Rattan Lal, it read “Putting carbon back in the […]

Goodbyes, Pregnancies, Worms and more

A few photos from the Farm this week:   We said goodbye to three goats, with gratitude for their service on the farm.     Confirmed that both sows are indeed pregnant!  Piglets due end of April & mid-May!                     Treated the Hens to some red wigglers […]

Goodbyes are Rarely Easy

Goodbyes are rarely easy in life and on the farm is no different.  Unexpected ones are usually the worst. This week the farm had one of those, as one of our sows somehow developed a gastric ulcer and died on Sunday.       Jemima Puddle Duck, of Beatrix Potter fame, was a lovely Tamworth […]

Goodbye Boris. The End of an Era

We had hoped to write this farewell as a retirement note, with a tone of sadness to see him leave our farm, but joy in knowing that he was going to keep grazing and wooing the girls.  Where he would retire to an even smaller farm where he could keep some nice does in milk […]

Unexpected Goodbyes

We have had a few unexpected goodbyes this week, both somewhat anticipated for some point this year, but not as quickly as they happened. Gellert, perhaps the most memorable animal on the farm, traveled in yesterday’s snow to the Royal Butcher.  He had gotten too big to breed our sows, his feet have never been […]