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May Days

Thursday… volunteers bolstered our reserve and helped us gain more road frontage back from chervil and more progress was made on Saturday. Thanks Liz, Martha and Molly! More folks are coming this Thursday, do join if you can (for any sliver or chunk of time from 3:30-6:30. Spring abundance brought a bright array of greens […]

On the Move

Usually it is just our livestock that is on the move, from one spot to another.  Well and the farmers on the move all day from field to field, task to task.   But this week, a bit more of the farm will be on the move as we pack up farm fresh treats and […]

View from a Visitor’s Eyes

It is always interesting to see something through someone else’s perspective.  The past several days we have gotten to see the farm through a visitor’s eyes — a visitor on her 4th trip to the farm, though the first with snow on the ground. Enjoy some of Abby’s photos and comments about the farm. “3-4 […]

Tip of the Iceberg

Attending Agritourism, Education & Economics on your farm forum at Shelburne Farms has proven stimulating.  Not only drinking in the view of expanses of pasture dotted with Brown Swiss cows grazing with the lake behind them, framed by the Adirondack Mountains.  But also giving us an opportunity to gather with colleagues and tour farms like Bread […]