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Red Velvet Brownies

Adapted from Vegetarian Times This is always a favorite and perhaps this end of winter/beginning of Spring temps and sugaring season make a warm mug of maple milk and a red velvet brownie seem like the perfect treat, here is this farm favorite!   To those of you who haven’t yet sampled these gems at […]

Maple Egg Custard

Thanks to our friends at Vermont Network who were here for a meeting, we tested out a new egg based dessert, this Maple Egg Custard.  Safe to say it was a hit, even called addictive by some.  Yet simple and truly a low sugar dessert.  We can’t wait to try it with some fruit inside […]

Carrot Cake

We’ve got eggs. We’ve got carrots. Thus, you’ve got…carrot cake? Mmhmm. Here’s Smitten Kitchen’s  take on the old stand by.  If there ever were a time to bake it in tune with seasonal offerings, it’s now! Her photos are of cupcakes, but the recipe also goes for a 9″ layer cake, see directions below. Ingredients: For […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake from American Flatbread

This recipe was shared by Jeremy Silansky (when he was  American Flatbread’s chef, now at Skinny Pancake, Montpelier) in a Food & Wine Magazine article eating local in winter.  When you cook the delicious long pie pumpkins, there is enough for soup, roasting and dessert!   “Jeremy Silansky borrowed this recipe from American Flatbread pastry chef Hannah Yerks, […]