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Thanks to the Teachers

  The tatsoi, vivid and Bok choy, mustard greens, broccoli raab, kale, chard, spinach and lettuces are so lush and colorful… whether you get a chance to pop your heads into the hoop houses or experience them as they show up on our plates. Those of us eating primarily from the farm are admitting to […]

teachers visit with pigs

Celebrating Spring Greens!

I do love all of our seasonal vegetables and the roots do hold a special place in my heart for their longlasting, practical nature, loyally keeping us fed through the (usually) long Vermont winters.  That said, I always look forward to this moment that comes every year between late March and early April when the […]

mizuna asian greens in field

Farmers as Elves…

This past week, we have been busy as elves (or farmers I guess) transforming some of the growing season’s bounty into delightful treats for the holiday season as well some items to make your cooking easier & local.  We packed up a lot for the Floating Bridge Food & Farms Holiday market last weekend (thanks to […]

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Music to our Ears

If the earnest team working on Vermont’s Farm to Plate were shooting a video add for buying local veggies they couldn’t have gotten away with it.  If our grandmothers overheard us, they would be pleased as punch. Even as I sit here I’m thinking – did that really happen? Did two teenage boy neighbors ask […]

chard gratin