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Hands-On Enthusiasm

It seems fitting that in this week that our farm and neighborhood received the news that Roy Butler had passed away, we were caught up in a great, hands-on, learning adventure. We hosted thought leaders and had intimate meals and conversations. We trundled off to Montpelier and Hardwick, to Royal Butcher, Mountain Deer Taxidermy and […]

Food, Farms & Community

Close your eyes and remember a matriarch or provider in your family. Can you see the proud and satiated smile of someone who has provided a feast for their loved ones? Sharing the farm has created some of that satisfaction this week as the Williams College Winter Study class piled out of the van, and […]

Community Support!

Saturday’s forecast seemed perfect to operate on the hoophouse. The ridge vent has had some chronic leaking problems, due to being pulled out of alignment by the fan-fed air bubble. Team Rimol had advised we add stabilizers to each bow instead of the normally directed every other. Mike and Andrew spied the break in the […]

Growing in Community

Mari’s piece on the financial challenges to small farms and the need for more honest conversations about farm viability appears in the new issue of Local Banquet.   Thanks to all who shared your thoughts and reflections as she prepared this piece.  And most of all thanks to all of our customers, farm supporters and […]

Growing Something Bigger

It’s been a busy few weeks on the farm. In the fields and pastures we’ve been wrapping up the season and transitioning to winter and while the number of moving pieces is decreasing, each one is becoming more challenging. At the same time we’ve had a lot of other things going on; the first indoor […]

Making the Farm Whole

The farm has been a buzz the past week, not only because it is mid-May and there are plants and animals that want new spaces to grow. We had a weekend packed full of on-farm experiences, providing hands-on (or mouths) activities to engage with and support our farm. This farm aims to create a purposeful blend […]

Working Together

Northfield’s Farmers’ Market reopened Tuesday and the green was vibrant with close to twenty vendors who now form a caring community after collaborating to form the winter market. Floating Bridge Food and Farm members met to plan our summer events and our “specialty crop block grant” application. Here at the farm new teammates gather (we’ll […]

Support All the Way Round

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a more common phrase  – the idea that by making a commitment to a farm for a season or year community members are sharing the risk and supporting local agriculture.  It seems that ASC, Agriculture Supporting Communities, also happens. At last week’s Taco Night and Scrag Mountain Music concert, several people expressed […]

Getting Inspired to Cook

This week we had the joy of hosting Lee Duberman as she launched her winter cooking classes, this year being held in our  new farmhouse. WOW!  It was such a treat for the senses to watch her lead folks through making filled pasta from scratch then moving on to gnocchi and wild mushroom risotto.  It […]