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Paw Patrol winning Hearts

Yes, famous dogs and cats is our naming scheme this year and Paw Patrol was suggested by our niece while at Auntie Camp this summer.  (Of course we thought she was saying “Papa Troll” and kept asking if there was a dog involved). Anyway,  the group of 10 piglets we bought from Hogwash Farm this […]

Brussels (Sprout) Tops

So, the sprouts themselves grow on the sides of a long stalk, sheltered by the leaves  of the plant.  The top-most leaves, are delicate, almost like baby cabbages and a special treat when you are harvesting the plants.   This week, probably this week only, we have this special offer.  Brussel Tops. What do I do […]

Delicious Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Another reason to love extended family…they roast veggies to perfection!  My brother-in-law and sister-in-law were linchpins in showing me how delicious two of my least favorite veggies growing up could be  — roasted beets and roasted Brussels Sprouts. Simple and perfection.  Only way I have had them better was Lee Duberman’s (chef at Ariel’s Restaurant) […]