Scrag Mountain Music Concert at the Farm

  • Friday, January 27, 2017, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Green Mountain Girls Farm, 923 Loop Road, Northfield, VT

Concert at 7:30 pm

Enjoy world-class chamber music in the Barn’s event space courtesy of Scrag Mountain Music.



Photo by Rob Spring

“Simply Amazing!”  is the description we often hear about our partnership with Scrag Mountain Music.   Mary Bonhang and Evan Premo and the talented colleagues they assemble for Scrag Mountain Music concerts seem to have a blast playing in our barn.



aizuri378The Music: “Schubert Cello Quintet” with Aizuri Quartet

For this concert, Scrag Mountain Music is bringing back the Aizuri Quartet to Vermont.  These talented musicians offer an always awe-inspiring performance in the intimate setting of our barn.  According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Aizuri Quartet is “in full possession of that most elusive of string quartet qualities: the balance between charisma of the individual and cohesion of the collective.”

The program of music they have planned for us will be one of explorations of the human experience and absolute beauty, culminating in Franz Schubert‘s late masterwork Quintet in C Major (Cello Quintet).  The program includes:

  • Four Songs of John Dowland – arr. Stephen Prutsman
  • String Quartet No 1 (Kreutzer Sonata) – Leoš Janáček
  • Lua Descolorida – Osvaldo Golijov
  • Quintet in C Major (Cello Quintet) – Franz Schubert


Concert begins promptly at 7:30 pm in the Barn Event Space. 

  As always Scrag Mountain Music presents these concerts as “Come as you are, Pay what you can”


More about the program: 

“Known” is the String Quartet No. 1 by Czeck composer Leoš Janáček. “Unknown” are the arrangements by contemporary composer and pianist Stephen Prutsman of four songs by Renaissance composer John Dowland, and “Lua Descolorida” (“Corlorless Moon”) for soprano and string quartet by Osvaldo Golijov. The “you thought you knew” selection will be Schubert’s Cello Quintet, one of the most famous and beloved pieces in all of classical music, performed in this concert with Evan Premo playing one of the cello parts on double bass. Premo will be breathing thin air in the stratosphere of the highest notes on double bass!

Janáček’s String Quartet No. 1, composed in 1923, is an autobiographical work that evokes the composer’s personal anguish at being in love with a married woman 38 years younger than himself. Composed in just two weeks, the quartet is considered a masterwork, and the Aizuri Quartet has performed it to great acclaim: “The quartet played the short but intense work with a clear awareness of the terror of uncontrollable passions,” wrote The Boston Musical Intelligencer following a performance in March, 2015.

Schubert’s magnificent Quintet in C Major was completed just two months before the composer’s death in 1828. It was first heard 22 years later. Forty-five minutes long, it is now recognized as Schubert’s most significant chamber work and one of the greatest in the entire chamber music literature. The musical language somehow evokes both hope and despair, joy and anguish.

The quintet is made up of the standard string quartet instrumentation – two violins, viola, and cello – plus an additional cello part that Evan Premo will play on double bass. Concert goers in Vermont and beyond have become accustomed to Premo’s understated versatility and virtuosity, frequently witnessing his extraordinary ability to play high up on the fingerboard of the double bass. That Premo is able to make the projection of music more significant than the projection of virtuosity is a great gift.

Premo’s wife, soprano Mary Bonhag, will be the featured soloist in the six-minute-long “Lua Descolorida” by Argentinian composer Osvaldo Golijov. Composed in 1999 and based on a poem by the Galician Rosalía de Castro, the poet and composer define despair “in a way that is simultaneously tender and tragic.”

Music from Czechoslovakia, Austria, Argentina, and England (Dowland’s songs, via the United States arranger Stephen Prutsman) means that Scrag Mountain Music will serve up a hearty meal of international concert fare. It will be all the more tasty in the dead of a Vermont winter!


More details, including audio samples of Scrag’s perfomances at:


farmstand-fridgeThe Farmstand: Let us Pack You a Box

To make it easier to shop at the farm when you come for the concert (a two-fer), you can place an order ahead and we can pack it up and have it ready for you to pick up from the walk-in fridge/freezer after the concert. The farmstand will also be open and stocked with pasture-raised meats, organic veggies, eggs, milk and canned goods before and after the concert. Check the At the Farmstand list the week of the concert to see what is on sale and here is this week’s order form.

and, The Farm

sleeping sows pigsThe sows and hens will be happy to see visitors before the concert as well as during intermission.  In fact, they too love the Aizuri Quartet and are looking forward to enjoying the music!