Liva Coe

Crop Manager

Since December of 2009, Liva Coe has been managing the crop production at Green Mountain Girls Farm, a small, diversified farm producing pasture-raised, sustainably-managed meats, dairy, eggs and vegetables, available year-round through an Omnivore’s Farm Share.

Liva began working on farms while majoring in Ecology at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, volunteering at local farms on weekends and at farms across the UK during breaks. After graduating in 2002, Liva worked in the field of Conservation Biology for four years in Greece, California, New Mexico, and Colorado. Although she enjoyed working in this field, she discovered that she missed farming, and while working in Colorado in 2004, began to create time in her schedule to work part-time or volunteer on farms in the area. In 2006, Liva began farming full-time as the manager of Tomten Farm, a small, organically-managed vegetable farm and goat dairy high in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.

Liva moved to central Vermont in 2008, and prior to being employed at Green Mountain Girls Farm, worked part-time at Screaming Ridge Farm in East Montpelier and at Pebble Brook Farm in Northfield.  She also worked at Food Works at Two Rivers Center as the coordinator of the Gardens For Learning program at Green Acres in Barre, and as the assistant to the Farm-To-Table program.

Liva’s work at Green Mountain Girls Farm engages and nourishes her passion for food, farming, conservation, community, learning, and her curiosity about the natural world. Liva says: “The more farming experience I gain, the more I discover how much more I need to learn, which is both a humbling and inspiring experience. New challenges are always arising, and I am constantly learning about and employing new practices. My background in Biology has given me a good framework in which to understand the biological processes affecting the crops I grow, the conditions they require, and the challenges they face. I am still learning about the unique conditions and biology of the Northeast (which are very different from those of both Scotland and Southwestern Colorado!) and am in constant pursuit of innovations and knowledge that will help me become a more thoughtful, skillful and efficient farmer.”