Happy New Year!  While you are hiding out from the Nor’easter and artic chill heading back to the Northeast we offer you two interesting points to ponder and perhaps to fuel your 2018 resolutions.


Consider a farmstay this year, with us or at another farm.  Check out this nice article and video from the Times-Argus & Rutland Herald on Agritourism in Vermont, including a nice bit on our farm and our friends at Larson Farm!  Kudos to the Dorwart-Crane family on being stars in the farmstand (see the video)!

STORY and VIDEO: Vermont agritourism

Fresh, Local Eating year round…How sweet (and challenging) it is

Those of you who have been eating our winter greens for the past many years know how sweet they can be.  This week we farmers also were reminded by how challenging they can be.  When you get your next greens, remember to thank Mari & Darienne for too many hours of freeing the hoophouses of their layer of grapple, snow & ice that weren’t sliding on their own in these cold temps.   Their efforts were key to both help sun find the plants whenever it comes back to us and ensure that in this windy nor’easter the hoophouse doesn’t collapse.

Click on photo for the video action!


We think we could offer “Farm Crossfit”…hmmm perhaps that is how to meet everyone’s New Year’s resolutions.  Check out the video!