Freedom Rangers on Pasture – Photo by Rose Wall

Fall is arriving and with it some seasonal transitions of crops in from the fields and poultry ready to be processed.  Today we took this year’s batch of 300+ Freedom Ranger chickens to Maple Wind Farm‘s inspected processing facility  and this weekend we will process our turkeys on farm with a great crew of staff, former staff, family & friends.

These days are hectic, yet, we always find a moment for reflection and gratitude for being able to raise these animals humanely, sustainably and outside on pasture.

Penelope, a former staff member who will also be joining us this weekend for turkey processing, articulated the whole package so well a few years ago,  in this post, aptly capturing what so many of us experience.

Yesterday morning I had a lovely moment with the Freedom Rangers as they waited for me to open the fence into their last spot on pasture, under the trees (key during these hot days) north of the big barn.


I thanked them for their good work on our pastures and for all the nutritious meals they will provide to our community.

As Penelope wrote, “There’s something about them and the life they lived that translates from the field to the plate and I’m thankful for that, all of it.”  I agree.