Tomatoes stuffed with Cream Cheese & Pesto

Donna got inspired again for delicious and pretty!  


20 Small Tomatoes (I used Jaune Flamme)

8oz Cream Cheese – softened

4oz Cilantro Pesto (or any of the pestos offered by GMG)

Salt & Pepper

20 Basil Leaves



Slice a tiny piece off of the bottom of each tomato, so that they can stand on a plate.

Slice the top off of each tomato.

Use a melon-baller to scrape out the inside of each tomato.

Mix the softened cream cheese with the pesto and add salt and pepper to taste.

Use a small spoon or icing bag to fill each tomato with the cream cheese mixture.

Add a basil leaf and replace the top on each tomato.

Serve, eat and enjoy!