A Needed Spot of Joy

It has been a hard week for many farmers in Vermont due to the flooding last weekend.  It does pain us to see images of flooded pastures and crop fields, knowing how much work has gone into those areas this spring and early summer.  We feel fortunate to be only dealing with the volume of water that came from the sky, not that washed into our farm.  Our hearts (and probably some of our produce) goes out to those dealing with flooding and we encourage all to keep supporting them and/or the Vermont Farm Fund, which provides 0% interest emergency loans.  Farming is a gratifying but risky business.

And we send out a few joyful images from this week at our farm to distract and warm hearts.

Curious week old piglet, needing a name and waiting for next litter of playmates to arrive!


Swallowtail feeding on flowers…