Sautéed Kale-sparagus

kale asparagus sauteed on plateSometimes Mari’s ideation gets us in trouble, sometimes it opens great doors.  This week was the latter.

We introduce a Spring ephemeral on the farm – Kale-sparagus.   Tender, succulent, delicious fast growing shoots of the Kale plant heading to flower.  This is no ordinary kale stalk, and Mari knew it when she saw it.  This is the Kale plant trying to grab some of the attention from that popular Spring asparagus, and for us, it worked.

Only available in this short season when our overwintered Kale has decided that it is time to flower and with these longer, warmer days, it has grown fast!  Best part, it is a super easy treat!


  • Tender, Spring Kale shoots
  • Lard, poultry fat or other nice fat
  • Salt & Pepper

kale asparagus flower end spring








kalsparagus sautee kale

Heat a tablespoon or so of lard or other fat in a skillet, we used our cast iron.  Toss in the Kale-sparagus shoots and sauté 3-4 minutes, stiring and tossing a few times.  Add a bit of salt and pepper while cooking or when finished.  Serve.  Easy as that.

kalsparagus greens kale







Note:  If you really want it to look more like asparagus, you could remove the tender baby leaves from the shoots, but they are delicious so no need.