March in like a lamb?

We often view the arrival of March with mixed feelings.  The longer days feel lovely, generally it is still clearly winter, yet the demands of spring and the pending growing season seem to loom dramatically.  It tends to signal the switch between the quiet season and the busy season.  But this year, with the combination of the odd winter and us having pushed kidding back to April, that usual dred of March 1st wasn’t so strong.   March still promises some relaxed days of planning and rest while enjoying the longer days and maybe there will still be some snow to enjoy, but maybe not.

March goat walk March goat walk 2








What is clear is that there is nice frozen ground to take advantage of for at least a few days as we get some deliveries for the season, prep for some frost seeding in the pastures and even get the pregnant does out for some walks.  You can benefit from that frozen ground as well this weekend with the farmstand stocked and Loop Road nicely packed. And these longer days do mean that luscious, meaty, overwintered spinach is delightful and available as well as some of lovely arugula and soon more greens.

And as Uno & Mousse like to remind us, there is plenty of time to enjoy the moment, whatever that may entail.


uno and mousse as 1