March (kidding) Madness

Welcome to March and all of its madness.sows plowing plodding

This year for some it may be the madness that can come at the not-quite-end of a long, cold, snowy winter.  For others it is all about basketball.  For us, and others like Fat Toad Farm, it is all about kidding or lambing madness. For colleagues…sugaring!

Ours is not yet madness of action (See Fat Toad Farm’s great kidding season chore video for that)…only madness in our hearts and minds as the arrival of the first goat kids mark the end of the (so often theoretical) calm, low demand winter season.  The arrival of the goat kids signals to us the beginning..or it is the end?  The beginning of the busier season as days lengthen and the to-do list piles up with plants and animals increasing their demands, spiraling up and up.  And the end of what is supposed to be the quieter, calmer planning and resting season.

It is fortunate that the goat kids are so dang cute because at this point of transition, I mourn the loss of the quieter days and wish for more days for reading, planning, research…..of catching up really.  But it is hard not to smile and feel a bit of joy as those cute little bundles of goat arrive with their gangling legs and silly ears and adorable little bleats.

So hear we go.  Time to get ready for March…and Farming Madness.blow dry after falling in water bucket 2014 sledding jengas kids

This year, we invite you all to celebrate March Madness with us.  Join us for goat kid tours, hot soup in the farmstand and/or a great brunch.  Many opportunities to meet the goat kids, fill your hearts with joy and your bellies with food all while supporting our farm.


March (Kidding) Madness at the farm

Three Thursdays in March we will offer hot food in the farmstand & a short tour to meet the newest goat kids! March 14th & 15th we are offering a great morning of Sweet Fun – Brunch, Goat kids,  & celebrating Maple Syrup. Come to one event or multiple and meet the new kids while getting farm fresh meals & some fun samples. See our website for details

Basic Schedule for Thursdays (March 12-26th)southwest winter squash soup one bowlsleepy goat kid

  • 4-6 pm Farm Tours: Meet the Stars: winter greens to goat kids $        $5/person
  • 4-7 pm Soup & Shopping à la carte in the Farmstand
  • 5-7 pm Samples & Demos complimentary in the Farmstand

Thursday, March 12th: Soup & Local Drinks
Menu: Potato Leek Soup & Vegetarian Borscht
Demos:  Pickle Sampling & Localvore Drinks

Thursday, March 19th: Soup & Jacket Potatoes
Menu: Carrot Ginger Soup & Jacket (topped) Potatoes
Demos: Learn about Honey bees & Honey Tasting & Pickle Sampling

Thursday, March 26th: Soup & Pickles 
Menu: Turkey Squash Soup
Demos: Quick Refrigerator Pickles & Pickle Pairing


Sweet & Sweetness: Sugaring & Kidding Season Brunch & Tours

Packaged all together this year, celebrate Sugaring & Kidding Season with member of Floating Bridge Food and Farms Cooperative.  One price includes: Localvore Brunch featuring great local veggies and incorporating Maple Syrup into your meal; Sugar on Snow; Meet the Goat kid; Pickle Sampling; Learn to make Herbal Salve

Saturday, March 14th 10 am – 1 pm 

Sunday, March 15th 10 am – 1 pm 

Brookfield bees maple syrup 3goat kids making friends